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    Kushagra Sharma

    If there will be error in connecting with database, please try it

    1. Open your terminal
    2. then type foloowing commands
      mysql -u root
      use mysql
      UPDATE user SET Password=PASSWORD('123') where User='root';
    3. Now create new database using
      create database buffercode_development
    4. Open your config folder and edit database.yml
      username: "root"
      password: '123'
    5. See in image below
      Save it !!

    6. Now open another terminal and cd into your project
      cd work/buffercode
    7. restart your server , make sure to stop your previous running server using ctrl+c
      rails s
    8. Now open your browser and reload localhost:3000
    9. If still getting any error, comment here.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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