To 3 star on th9 is one of the best feel of clash of clan as th9-th11 players are still the top most contributors in winning of clash of clan wars. One need to try different strategies to understand which attack is best for the base accordingly. You just can’t attack blindly from any troop combination. We are helping you with more new clash of clans war strategies for clash of clans addicted peoples.

We are here to help you in learning various new attacks to get 3 star in clash of clans war. Watch the below video to learn how to use pekka with bowler and baby-dragon.

New War Strategy | HPBB [Healer PEKKA Bowler Baby Dragon]

This video is for pekka lovers. After new update Valks are favorite for all and there are only few peoples left who still try Pekka in war. If you were pekka fan than you must have to watch this video to learn this new war strategy i.e., HPBB (Healer PEKKA Bowler Baby Dragon). Now one can say,that PEKKA is back on th9 with new Strategy(HPBB).

With this army combination you can get 3 star on any maxed TH9 but you have to be calm with your spells. So guys be ready and try this strategy in your attacks.

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