It’s all about little bit of  simple programming and computer graphics . Snapchat’s Security broke by Steven Hickson a programmer as well as a hacker  or you can say that every hacker is a great programmer .Because hacking means to do some thing creative in computer science and  not just using  inbuilt tools, so just become creative and you are a hacker eh!.

So now coming to the point , how Snapchat‘s security can  break in just 30 min???

so here is a brief description about it….

Yesterday snap chat just make a new feature of verification of humans by finding ghost in few templates as shown below..

snapchat verification
snapchat verification

As you can see in above picture ,there is a same pattern for ghost in all templates ,so it’s easy to finding out those ghost by little bit of coding . We just have to match ghost pattern which is very easy for computer by just a little bit of programming of not more than 100-150 lines.

I will show you how this task can be done easily just observe the  screen shot below…

snap chat security break
snap chat ghost matching


Now you can see that we just have to make some curve to match those points on given templates and then your computer can find ghost in template easily and break snapchat”s security.

I just saw it yesterday in the blog of Steven.

Actually Snapchat has made this new captcha system because of the past hacks by some hackers who put them in much harder problem and break Snapchat’s security easily .But to verify humans this is a cool but not good technique because computer can easily find a pattern if it is repeated. You can see that in facebook ,google+  and others the technique of capturing peoples face for tagging etc.

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