In our first program , we saw how to print something . But thats not it , programming doesnt stick only to printing few text !!! Lets take an example , if you wanna add 2 numbers you can do it in two ways :

1.Simply printing it i.e


2. By storing the sum in a variable and then printing it


int s=0;


cout<<s ;

here s is a variable , variable is something that stores some value . And its value can b changed during the execution of our program !!



here we modified the value of s ;

i.e if s=4;

then now it will be 5.



In the above example , we saw there was something weird written …….”int”… This int is a data type , as the name suggests data type tells about what kind of data that will be used in our program . There are many different types of data types :

1. int – integer type

2. float – decimal type

3.char-  character type (it stores only 1 character)

4.boolean (takes 0 or 1)
Whenever we define a variable , it is done with the help of a data type otherwise errors will be generated.Now when a variable is defined , it doesnt take any memory space , when the program is executed then these variables take  memory space.

Different datatypes occupies differnt size

int [2 bytes]

float[4 bytes[

char[1 byte]

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