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Functions :

Before learning defining functions you must know what is the meaning of functions in programming languages.

What is the meaning of functions in programming ??

Function is a group of statement and it can run more than once in the program .Function is allow set of code to be grouped better as per functionality.One and More than one function is allow in the program .Ever function is defined its own functionality.It can reduce the complexity of program easy to finding the error in the program .Function is also reduce the work,Easy to update.

Defining Functions


In languages other then python  its return type or type of function(Ex-Int,float etc)  is defined first  .But in Python to define function  is easy.

Below is the syntax of defining functions

def function( arg1,arg1,arg3=default…)

return value
Function is most basic program of the structure .Function are also design tool for split the complexity into a parts.
for calling any function we can use

for example:
if condition:
def fun():                         #define the function
def fun():                      #or it can define in else

fun()                                            #call the function

Defining Functions code
Defining Functions code
Defining Functions output
Defining Functions output

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