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Start Learning about Namespace:

In c++ , when a variable function or class is used in a  particular scope then duplicacy is not allowed i.e no two class, variable or a function can have a same name with in same scope . But when the scope expands i.e in global scope same names can be used . This may cause collision while linking as which entity of two same entites should be used .

So, to overcome this problem namespace is used

When namespace is not used then error is generated , this is so because during compiling the linker gets confused as to refer to which function .



Now when namespace is used  the compiler reads this print function as abc::print() and abcd::print() i.e both print () are now easily distinguishable . Now the compiler can easily link the functions. Here a seperate container is created i.e namespace and each container contains its own functions variable or a class which are easily distingishable .




Also generaly we use using namespace std , if this is not used then then we need to write cin cout as std::cin or std::cout. Basically our program is like a almirah, and namespace is just like drawers  in it . If we wont use namespace then linker will not know from where to use the function , i.e until or unless you know the location of the things you want or that you are searching you cant find them . So after defining namespace linker can easily find function to link . Here too on defining namespace std we are refereing to standart functions of the drawer std , else if namespace is not used then it wont have anything to refer to and error will be generated.


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