Thursday, November 15, 2018
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PUBG live Streaming using Mobile phone

Let's start PUBG streaming on facebook using the mobile phone. Yes, you read it correctly. Well, how many times you have seen this post "Guys, watch me playing PUBG live" on facebook groups or youtube?...
Queen charge with Miner attack | Queen walk | Coc

Queen charge with Miners attack | COC

Queen charge with Miners is not a new strategy, that you are going to know now. But you have seen many time that queen walk with miners failed to get three stars, it is...
Best Headset For Gaming and Music

How to buy best Gaming Headset

Looking For Best Headset for Gaming and Music that will provide a better gaming experience as well as music? Here is everything you need to know about Best Budget Gaming Headset before buying a new one.

How to Capture and Record an IPhone, IPad screen without jailbreak ?

Nowadays, everybody wants to be a prominent YouTuber. Some wants to make money through it while others just do it for entertainment. The problem faced by a new YouTuber is to present their video...
Good News For Gamers: Oculus reduces their Rift and controllers price

Good News For Gamers: Oculus reduces their Rift and controllers price

Oculus VR , one of the most famous company of making virtual reality headset hardware and software products. Palmer Luckey is the founder of this company. He founded this American technology company in June 2012...
QuickBooks with Rails 5

QuickBooks with Rails 5