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Anshuma Sharma

Anshuma Sharma lives in New Delhi India. She has done her Masters degree in Public Relations from Newcastle University. She authored a Book titled Not Yet, available on Amazon. She believes: Life is about the meaning of the moment, it is about how much we value our experience at that moment. Fiction n’ Fantasy is part of her life. Travel and different cultures fascinate her a lot. The most precious thing is her Phone; she wouldn’t know how to survive without it. Reading is her favourite pass time; enjoy thrillers, mythology and religion and other genres too. She writes with the memories of what she has or has felt in this life so far. Not her own, necessarily. Anything which she could see happen around- her life, her friends, neighbours, the old man lying crippled on the street, the dog with watery eyes expecting some food, the butterflies, leaves and flowers. She feels, She write.