Download zANTI 2.2(Apk)

Hacking with Android Smartphone using zANTI2

zANTI2 is a Network Analysis and penetration suit developed by ZImperium family as a software developer and researcher, the name zANTI2 comes after the announcement that dSploit will be merge into zANTI and create better ,faster and free network analysis tool. If we talking about dSploit, once dSploit  is start you will be able to map your network ,fingerprint alive OS(Operating System) and show current running services, search vulnerabilities ,crack login password,perform Man in Middle Attacks (like password sniffing) ,real traffic manipulation etc.After combination of zANTI and dSploit functionality zANTI2 is most complete and advanced professional toolkit that perform network security assessments on a mobile phone.

Massive Feature of zANTI2



when you login in zANTI2,it maps your entire network. zANIT2 perform traceroute on target, traceroute is a diagnostic tool for display the path (route)


Port Scanner

In Port scanner zANTI2 use nmap menu where you can run several levels of Nmap based scanning  to detect  various open port ,services and Operating System.


zANTI2 port scanzANTI2 port scanning


Vulnerability Finder:

An automatically diagnose vulnerabilities within mobile device or website by using of host penetration test including , MITM ,password cracking and metasploit

In zANTI2, it search known vulnerabilities (weakness in System) for target running services.

Login Cracker:

A very fast network login cracker use by zANTI using Dictionary

zANTI Password matching

Packet Forger:

You can send a customer TCP( Transfer Control Protocol) or UDP( User Datagram Protocol) packets to the target (like Wake On LAN packets).



In MITM( Man in the middle)  attack ,the attacker able to intercept all the relevant messages passing between two users. When we chose MITM option on target device it will show all website being visited and there cookies.zANTI2 uses two method ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) and ICMP protocol.

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This option in zANTI2 as Redirect HTTP ,using this we Redirect target traffic through  this device even you Redirect HTTPs method to HTTP using SSL Strip.
For Example: If you want redirection of traffic to for all connected devices, zANTI2 will do this for you. Every site will be a redirect to your specific URL on target’s machine.

Custom Filter

It will replace the text with attackers specified text on target machine. It simply means that target will not be able to see Original text on his machine .

Script Injection

It’s the one of the most powerful as well as dangerous action. Attacker will able to Inject JavaScript in every visited webpage , and you know what a java script can do on target’s machine.

Replace Images

Replace all images on webpages with attacker’s specified Images. It simply means, they will see what you want 😉

Capture Download

Attacker will be able to capture downloaded file and store them on sdcard. Now it may be any important information 😉

Shellshock Scanner:

Use to detecting the shellshock BASH vulnerability  on both local IP address Network or a remote host.In this service it sends a crafted HTTP request with command injected payload  and check the response of server for output pattern.

It simply conclude that by using zANTI2, attacker can perform all the hacks at his level of skills on target machine.

Download zANTI 2.2(Apk)

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    • No you cannot hack wifi password by using this app, but you can perform MITM attack, packet sniff and other attacks on target device into the network

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