Researchers from all around the world have come up with a new nano material chip that could change the way you use computer forever. Obviously, it is the speed what matters when we talk about the computers, the newly invented Nano-material chip can take the level of computer chips from ground to the sky.

The researchers from Carnegie Mellon, Stanford, the University of California and other parts of the world have invented a new Nano-material Chip that could possibly replace the recently used chips in the computers in future. The new Nano material chip can enhance the speed of the computer up to 1000 times, which means the calculation done by the present day computer could be solved in just a fraction of time that it takes now.

A rebooting Computing special issue of IEEE computer journal claims that the brand new Nano-Material chip called as Nano-Engineered Computing system Technology (N3XT) takes the landscape from a resource-heavy single-storey layout to an efficient ‘Skyscraper’ approach.

Problems with Silicon Chips

The major issue with all the Silicon chips that are used today is that they are arranged like standalone house in suburbs.

It simply means that all the single-storey are at same level and are connected with wire, which cause the waste of energy while the travelling of the data from one house to other and it often causes digital traffic jams.

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Advantages of Nano Material Chip over Silicon Chips

Instead of storing the data in single-storeys, N3XT chips are made up of carbon Nanotubes transistors which have tiny cylindrical molecules of carbon that can efficiently conduct heat and electricity.

The new model of N3XT chips splits the processors and memory into different floors in a skyscraper, and then these floors are connected by millions of tiny electronic elevators known as “Vias” used to transfer the data from one level to other.

Now the advantage of using the N3XT chips over Silicon chip is that the data travels faster i.e. vertically in the case of N3XT chips while data travels much slower as it has to travel over a large area horizontally in case of traditional Silicon chips.

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