The mobile application is generally designed to give comfort and reduce the time for the users. In this growing economy, everything is going to get digitized and mobile application plays a vital role in it.

In our day to day life, most of the people are using a mobile app. From time to time, there is an updated version, which adds some additional features into it.

These updates are required not only for smartphones, but it also includes the Operating System. These recent updates are done because a lot of people buy Smartphones and Laptops, get connected to the Internet and much more.

Microsoft Hooks Up With Google for Office Mobile AppsAfter long days it seems that some applications will not work properly due to viruses or some malfunctions occurred in these devices, which directly affect the system.

To avoid all these problems updates are required which makes your device clean and healthy. In these days manufacturer and developer make it an easy task to keep your computer and software run smartly. To overcome the problems of privacy, security and device reliability updates are frequently required.

One such device is Chromebook where we use Chrome Operating System.Recently, Google and Microsoft join hands together to ensure the Android mobile experience on chrome books. It also includes Microsoft office suite which is available in Google Chrome for downloads.

What is Chromebook?

Chromebook is a laptop, which runs on Linux-based Chrome OS as its operating system. This was designed to be used basically when the user gets connected to the Internet where most the applications and data’s will be located in the Cloud which reduces storage in these devices.

Features of Chromebook

  • Chromebook comes out with best Google products like Gmail, Google Drive, Search, and Hangouts, so that user can get to work right out the box. With Chrome management, console admins can easily manage users, devices and laptops across chromebooks.
  • With Google built-in app user can easily create and share documents with google drive, check email, Video chats, hangouts and much more.
  • We can load websites in a second with the most popular built-in chrome browser. With Chrome Instant, the web pages that are viewed recently can be easily loaded as soon as you start typing the URL.
  • It works smoothly with other devices like Android mobiles, Tablets, and other devices running chrome so accessing bookmarks, files, and other settings are made easy now.
  • Businesspersons can use thousands of apps using chrome web store. They can track customers, plan projects, and manage stocks.
  • Multiple logins allow the user to give their own personalized app, settings, and bookmarks when they log in. In Guest mode, users cannot get access to any data stored on chromebooks and all the browsing history is deleted when they complete their session.
  • The user can personalize a chromebook including branding, session time-out, apps and sites without login. Chromebook Kiosks are best for manufacturing floors, retail stores, hotel business centers, and libraries.
  • With built-in security, you can share with other users without hesitation of common computer problems like malware, software installation, unauthorized data access or altered settings.
  • These devices boot up within seconds and resume quickly. It also avoids the inflation of old software and doesn’t slow down over time.
  • Auto updating allows the device to download and install security and software updates, whereas management console lets you control user device and app policies across speedy devices.
  • Adding to it, these devices have multi-layers of security to keep your account safe and secure from virus and malware without using any additional software.
  • Google Drive lets the user to backup the files on online even if chromebook takes a dive.

Microsoft Office Suite

It is a collection of the software application that isdistributed and designed to interact with each other. It contains software such asWord processor, database software, spreadsheet software, presentation software, illustration software, photo editing software, andcollaborative software tools.

This particular app is used for many home and business users to do presentations, marketing, financial services and much more. This suite contains different features that suit well for people who need access to the Internet, offline access, and for various payment options.

Features included in Office home, Student 2013 and Office Online includesthe word, excel, Powerpoint and OneNote whereas the Office Home and Business 2013 suite include all the features of those programs with Outlook.

The Office Professional Plus 2013 and Office 365 suites include all things in the Office Home and Business Suite with Publisher and Access.

Access and Publisher are not available to Office 365 users who use Mac OS. It is not like other OS, where Office Online Programs can be used only when connected to theInternet.

Office Suite 365 offers a monthly subscription with different costs depending on how devices are used by the plan. Whereas,Office Online is free of cost and other Microsoft Office Suites will be sold at a fixed rate.

Apps That Needs to Be Installed On Chromebook

Social media and chat apps without a web version are still an incompatibility issue but soon these apps will be introduced which has Skype, Instagram, Snapchat, Periscope, Smule Sing and other chat apps like LinkedIn Plus that is essential for professionals.

Survival and Vital Information app, which holds good for having quality information and communication potential in times of crisis when there is no source of power.

Serval Mesh is a fine app that creates a mesh network within the nearby devices, including the running app that makes a perfect tool for communication in terms of the critical situation.

Games and Entertaining Information entertain the users by providing some vital information and entertaining things to read. Kindle is one such app that is ideal for chrome users without Internet access.

Photo and Video Editing

Web apps for photo and video editing are used in some way, whereas free and paid Android app would be much better in comparison. Repost App helps in a better way to reprint others Instagram content that gives the appropriate acknowledgment for the original image a text as well as the image.

To have such features on chromebook laptops would be a useful way for people to take care of Instagram content for their own feed.

Introducing Android app on chromebooks is still in a developing stage because the devices do not support some apps yet.Some users are not able to install the application, which makes the user think that Microsoft was purposely bricking the installation of office apps on chromebooks.

Microsoft is alive about the compatibility issues and it assures that Google and Microsoft will offer the best services on introducing Android app on Chromebook. It also makes the office app adaptable for all other devices by general availability.

A few chromebooks that support other devices are ASUS Chromebook Flip, Chromebook Pixel, and Acer Chromebook R11. If the user needs to use these applications,there are a few requirements. The OS, which we use, should be Chromebook OS version 53 or more than that, and the update is applicable only to this channel.

Other older versions of chrome books will not be allowed to use the Google Play Store. Even if there is updated versions of chromebook OS, the Android app may not work and to overcome this problem the management is still working on it.

If the management is fortunate in ingesting the Android compatibility, then it will be successful in making huge revenue.

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