Prerequisites for Ruby Tutorial:

Install Ruby – Here you will found How to install Ruby?

Ruby is a scripting language designed by Yukihiro Matsumoto(Matz). In my previous article Why Rails ? , I wrote –“Ruby is a genuine Object Oriented Language”, cause of which I am bit confuse whether to use top down approach for these ruby tutorial or bottom up? Let’s use bottom up, which means from basics( About variable, methods, loops etc) to classes(Object oriented methodology) . It may be helpful for procedural language programmer and beginner.

Ruby First Program

It is easy to start programming with ruby rather than other languages, the reason is that ruby uses simple syntax rules as you are defining something in English. You will see it in our below examples. Let’s start with simple Ruby Program( Ruby First Program) which will print something. Just write below line in your favorite text editor, we are using here Sublime text editor for programmers and save it as buffercode1.rb.

puts "Greeting from Buffercode"

Now just Open your terminal(For Unix) or command prompt(For Windows), change your current directory to the directory where you saved your ruby program using cd command and type

ruby buffercode1.rb

Interactive Ruby

You can use Interactive Ruby ( irb ) to test your code, follow the below step to use it.

Open your terminal and type irb , it will start your ruby shell.

Now just enter your code and it will give you output on next line, see its example

irb(main):001:0>puts "Greeting from Buffercode"
Greeting from Buffercode
irb(main):002:0> #it will show current time of your system

As you can see irb will give output on very next line of your code, there is no need of compilation of your code, just type and run. Irb will interact with your code that’s why it called interactive ruby. You can use irb as basic calculator too 😉

irb as basic calculator

irb(main):003:0>Math.sin(Math::PI/2) #To find value of sin PI/2 in ruby

All these are ruby methods , you will learn more about them in our ruby tutorial.
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