Battle of the giants : Android M vs iOS 9

Google’s Android and Apple iOS are the biggest mobile platform.Both the companies launched their new product ANDROID MARSHMALLOW AND IOS 9 with better and strong features. IOS 9 whereas came to the market before android marshmallow.Let’s see how they both are different

Comparison between the Android M( Marshmallow ) and ios9


Android M was expose in MAY and then fixed as Android 6.0 Marshmallow on August 17.At the GOOGLE event in San Francisco on September 29 Android M released with two new Nexus device.

In June at APPLE event iOS 9 was declare and it was exposed on September 9 with two new model i.e iphone 6s and iphone 6s plus in another Apple event.


Talking about interface,both the platforms are somewhat identical.App icon on the home screen is permittable in both the OS and also support widgets.There is no change in both oses from long time.Android M gives the look and feel of Android L and same in case of iOS 9,it also gives the feel of its previous ones.


Google and Apple has introduce new product to improve battery life called Doze and Low power mode.Doze uses phone’s motion sensors to identify if a device is in use or not.Low Power mode gives user to switch to optimize setting to maintain battery life.


Improved Siri is the new important feature of iOS 9.If an user have a meeting with someone than Siri take the content from the users email and pin that person’s contact on the home screen.Siri become more smater in giving the result of an user’s query.

Google introduce Google Now on Tap with Android M,if an user are in an app than google now understand the text of an user query and return the meaningful results.


Apple’s previous models also support iOS 9 from iphone 6s to iphone 4s ,whereas this thing is lacking in Android.Only latest model of Nexus and few other product contain new android.


There is no much change in the privacy given by iOS 9 but it still conserve the data well.

Whereas Android M introduce several privacy feature,it has eight core permission user must grant apps including access to microphone,contacts,medical data and more.


In both the OSes payment floor are same,Android M now support fingerprint scanner on Android devices for more secure payment and many gadgets will be now compatible with Anfroid pay by default.whereas Apple’s touch id is fastest fingerprint reader and it is new apple wallet app support loyality card.

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