In May,at I/O Developer Conference Google is wonted to attempt a first look of its new Android i.e Android N. Recently  Android Police gave more information about the new update with some new contribution.

Latest leak information about Android N

The latest leak information is more about Android N ’s setting menu,which could see with some functional and visual changes.Do not disturb bar at the top of the pages which will make it easy to toggle is the big twist. Android N cut the divider which is between each item this is the symbol of design updating. The more information will be given by setting menu from its main list.For example,’Data usage’ will shows how much data actually been used and ‘Display’ expose whether adaptive brightness is on or not.

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Notification and sound will also lie in the separate section.Finally there is the exclusive beefburger menu,which pops up once the user a level deep into setting page.

There are only minor changes till now,an android user will take a day or two to cop up with the new design.Some more exciting changes are expecting from Android N.The expected release date of Android N is May 18,2016.

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