Bharti Airtel has launched a new Airtel Zero Plan. Airtel will let you to grant free data access to services provided by Application developers. It may seems Airtel Zero is inspired from Initiative by Reliance communications and Facebook , they launch free access to 38 website by philosophy i.e.Reliance-Facebook partnership on

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By Airtel Zero plan, customers can access apps data services that is provided by app developers at zero data charges. Airtel Zero plan violates net neutrality which promises to provided a level playing field for all internet data. It seems like a clear move to give a tough competition to Reliance Communications on offering free internet, at the course of net neutrality.

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On the launch of Airtel Zero Plan Srini Gopalan, director of consumer business at Bharti Airtel said

“Airtel Zero contributes to the government’s ‘Make In India’ vision by providing a platform for a lot of small businesses to reach out to their end consumers. Of course, these app devs will have to pay for your data charges incurred while using their app.The results of our pilot program indicate that ‘Airtel Zero’ can deliver the same results as traditional digital marketing channels at 1/3rd the cost – thus underscoring the immense value it can deliver for developers across.”

Airtel Zero is new marketing platform.

Airtel Zero is new marketing platform on which each and every developer have opportunity to make an application more and more successful,by providing its service to user on direct basis. App services is provided by priority basis depends on contract between developer and Bharti Airtel . As an renounced e-commerce site Flipkart is signed up with airtel for this Airtel Zero plan that is reported by Medianama. According to Medianama “Flipkart, which raised $1.91 billion in funding last year, has signed up with Bharti Airtel, India’s largest telecom operator, four highly placed sources have confirmed to MediaNama. Airtel has confirmed that it is launching a platform called Airtel Zero, in order to allow companies to buy data to offer their apps to consumers for free.”

What is Net Neutrality ……is net neutrality violated by Airtel?

Net Neutrality means every site content are equal i.e. On internet there is no preference given to one site content over other. In short net neutrality will treat each and every web content are on internet is same. Net Neutrality have two basic goals:
1) Freedom 
Net Neutrality provides you freedom to access any content available on internet.It mean service provider like Reliance, Airtel           can’t force you to see the content that are prefer by them.
2) Equality
Equality is also important concern that is featured in concept of Net Neutrality. It means all content on internet are equal in every     manner.
“Airtel Zero Rating violates Net Neutrality, something which the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has acknowledged in its consultation paper announced last week” -from Medianama.

Is Airtel Zero is beneficial for end user?

Yes, in my opinion this beneficial for all the user that are active on there smartphone and by these type of plan they don’t have need to pay for data plan because app attached with this plan will be on zero rental data. This is an good step by Bharti Airtel to make world more open and connected.

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