You can now explore the world in Virtual Reality, exploring the world in VR is just amazing.

Google has finally launched Google Cardboard support for its Street View App. Google announced that the virtual reality experience Google Cardboard is now available in 39 languages and over 100 countries.

This update let you explore the globe in detail i.e. 360 degree, this is the all new way to explore the different places across the Globe

Support for Google Cardboard is now available for iOS and Android devices, Google said that there are 15 million downloads of the app from the Play Store till now, which is quite a good number just in one day.

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Google has also launched the developer docs in 10 languages to make the VR experience more real and fascinating. Google wrote on their Blog Spot “The Cardboard SDKs for Android and Unity have been updated to address your top two requests: drift correction and Unity performance. This update includes a major overhaul of the sensor fusion algorithms that integrate the signals from the gyroscope and accelerometer. These improvements substantially decrease drift, especially on phones with lower-quality sensors. The Cardboard SDK for Unity now supports a fully Unity-native distortion pass. This improves performance by avoiding all major plugin overhead, and enables Cardboard apps to work with Metal rendering on iOS and multi-threaded rendering on Android. All of this adds up to better VR experiences for your users.”

So if you are looking for more places and don’t have time to visit, then relax at your install the Google Cardboard and experience the Virtual Reality.

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