Do you wait for the Big Sales on Flipkart? Everybody does.

The new e-commerce giant is spreading its business in India day by day by following different sale strategies. And again they have proved why they are the best Online Shopping platform in India?

You must be enjoying shopping from the Flipkart in this festive season, and of course it meant to be.

They have now reached a new landmark with this Big Billion Day Festive Sale. Flipkart claims that they have sold more than 10 lakh products in just 10 hours of the Big Billion Day Festive Sale.

According to the statement issued by Flipkart, the people from Bengaluru, Delhi, Chennai are on the top chart of visitors of website.

They also added that the top sale categories till now are footwear, Men’s clothing and accessories. The statement also added men’s product categories registered a sharp surge in demand of fashion products on the Online Shopping Store.
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The head of Flipkart Mukesh Bansal Said, “We have sold 1 million units already and expect to do a higher number by the end of today’s fashion sale. We have had 1.6 million app installs in the last two days.”

This is undoubtedly a big moment for the Company, their popularity among the Indians is growing faster and once again it has been proven that “It is not the money what makes you big, it is what you do with it.”

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