It seems to be no benefits of fixing the issues in its latest patch that was released by Flash Player yesterday.

Adobe is trying its best to make the Flash player safe for Internet, but they are missing the right point to hammer every time.

Just after the one day of the patch update, security researchers have disclosed an all new Zero-Day Vulnerability in recently patched version of Adobe Flash Player. This vulnerability is currently exploited by a Russian state sponsored hacking Group called Pawn Storm.

No Patch is available for New Zero Day Vulnerability in Flash Player

You may have updated your Flash Player with its latest patch but you are still insecure with the Flash Player. Even the latest version i.e. version of the Flash Player is vulnerable to new Zero-Day vulnerability.

However the new zero-day vulnerability is only being exploited against some Government agencies and several foreign affairs ministries. But there is no doubt in that after the publication of the new zero-day vulnerability the hackers will now try to exploit the vulnerability against the innocents using the Flash Player.

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Is this the End of Flash Player?

Adobe is struggling for the survival of the Flash Player in the market. This January, YouTube moved away Flash for delivering videos. Later when Firefox came to know about the security flaws in the Flash Player, Mozilla also said Good Bye to the Flash Player.

Also the Facebook’s security chief publicly called for Adobe to announce the killing date of flash. And now Chrome has also started to block the Flash Ads by default.

But still Adobe is trying its best for the existence of Flash in the Market, but there seems no hope for them after the release of the new Zero-Day vulnerability just after the one day of Patch.

However, the flaw has been reported to Adobe.

But till the fix of new Zero-Day vulnerability you are advised to completely uninstall the Flash Player from your browser to stay safe.

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