The Self Destructing Chip: The Chip Will Destroy In 10 Seconds

Self Destructing Chip

You must have watched the movie “Mission Impossible” the technology of auto destruction of message after sometime shown in the movie. The sudden explosion in the device carrying the message that destroys the secret message and cannot be reconstructed.

This can become a reality now.

A Xerox company “Palo Alto Centre Incorporate”, which was working under Defence Advance Research Agency’s Vanishing Programmable Resources successfully developed a Self-Destructing chip which can destroy itself in 10 seconds.

PARC reviled this amazing technology at the “Wait, What?” event of DARPA in St. Louis Thursday.

This chip is designed on Gorilla Glass base which is capable of shattering into millions of pieces. These small shattered pieces cannot be reconstructed. This is the same material used for the protection cover in Smartphones.

Gorilla Glass Self Destructing Chip

We take the glass and we ion-exchange temper it to build in stress,” said Gregory Whiting, a senior scientist at PARC. “What you get is glass that, because it’s heavily stressed, breaks it fragments into tiny little pieces.

PARC was awarded with $2,128,834 by DARPA as the contract award for the research under their VAPR program.

This discovery will be a great advancement in the field of military operations. As there are some information which are only meant to be reached to some authorized person. Leaking of that information can cause a big damage for society or a Country.

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