For the first time in whole world,a bunch of international scientists has been able to command and oversees the direction of electron that were eliminated from an atom.Cooperation between researcher from the Swinburne University in Australia,Italy,Russia,US,Germany and Japan completes the team of international scientist.In Italy,Scientists used the Fermi free electrons to finish the job.The entire process was completed in few attosecond i.e. (1×10^-18)!.

It is great that now,in a chemical compound scientist can easily will be able to command the motion of electron in between two elements and it will be even more interesting to study the fact that how in real-time electrons move in ultra fast processes.Combination of photosynthesis and combustion is included in this ultra fast process.

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The next step After Finding how to control the direction of electron

Lead researcher KEVIN PRINCE,who is a chemist with the Molecular  Model Discovery Laboratory at Swinburne University of Technology in Australia said – “The next step will be to apply the technique we have demonstrated to the study of more complex processes which occur on the attosecond scale such as catalytic processes and atmospheric chemistry,”.

The FERMI free electron laser is not same as normal laser,FERMI laser eject electrons of high speed which pass through its magnetic structure and it is also tunable i.e scientists can change its frequency from microwave to infrared.Two electron beam of different wavelength can be produced by tunable laser technology.The shorter wavelengths were able to command the movement of electron and for short period of time change the direction.

According of Kevin Prince -“Atoms in a molecule move on the scale of femtoseconds – a few millionths of a billionth of a second,But electrons, which are the basis of chemical bonds, are much faster and in the processes they cause, they move a thousand times faster – on the scale of tens or hundreds of attoseconds.”

Kevin Prince added – “Like many in the scientific community we have been working for years to develop innovative analytical methods with attosecond resolution to study and control fast dynamics, “With this work, that exploits the exceptional properties of the laser light from FERMI, we can say we have finally achieved our goal.”

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