A driver of uber named Campbell, was driving at night, suddenly passenger stripped all his clothes off at a light and ran naked around the car and then came back to the car seat as if nothing at all had happened. It is odd but yes even now Mr. Harry Campbell is nonplussed. According to the uber driver, Harry Campbell “it was a dare, every driver has a story like that.”

The horror stories for uber are not new. But most of them are about passengers who haunt the uber drivers. Some common headlines are hardly exclusive to uber.

When you get in the taxi there is a plexiglass between you and the driver which has a reason behind it.

In November, a video of a drunken Taco Bell executive beating a Uber driver gone viral. Abuse, verbally and physically gets far, less attention that drivers endure. One of the incident which made headline was that a Miami doctor was trying to hit the driver before trashing his car which was filmed by a witness. No matter what but for the drivers there is always a risk of harassment and violence while riding a stranger with them.

You all might be thinking that companies would be doing something for the uber drivers to provide safety and to reduce the risk for them. But what they can do is limited by the kind of business in which they are. The company can’t offer or ensure safety training as the uber drivers or other drivers operate as independent contractors not as employees.

It is not that ride-sharing companies are not making any efforts for their uber drivers or are not aware of the risk. In response, uber has recently tested a “toy” has thought out in advance to distract drunk, obnoxious passengers – a Bop-It which is a puzzle type game that drivers will keep in their backseats.

“It’s kind of stupid to think they can pacify a bunch of drunk passengers with a Bop-It versus investing in real safety measures.” By- Harry Campbell

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