This time Apple is very sincere about upgrading the security of its iPhone so that no can hack it.Apple also hired one of the key builders of signal to accomplish this – most secure messaging app which is encrypted,secure and open source.

Frederic Jacobs will join Apple as a intern in Core team as he worked to develop signal.Jacobs tweeted –

“I’m delighted to announce that I accepted an offer to be working with the CoreOS security team at Apple this summer,”.

Most secure messaging app: Signal app

High profile advocates,security researchers,reporters and open source code and even NSA whistleblower uses signal app usually.Signal messages can be read only by sender and intended receiver this means it is end-to-end encrypted.Apple’s imessage is not source and it is also end-to-end encrypted.

Unhackable utility by Apple

As Apple is fencing against US court order for helping FBI by unlocking iPhone 5C of San Bernardino shooter Syed Farook this is the main reason behind Apple’s hiring.FBI wants to unlock Farook iPhone without losing its data so FBI is forcing Apple for making backdoor version of iOS. Tim Cook has denied to give a backdoor in iphones as it will reduce security and privacy of all iphone users. As government and intelligence want a backdoor,company is deleting this service for ourself and even for any help that is why Apple is hiring new trainee in its core team.

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Encrypted icloud backup

Apple was ready to help FBI in every possible way but now Apple is busy in encrypting icloud backups that only the owner of account can have access,removing ways for government and hacker to disclose its users data.During creation of icloud backups of users photo,app data,imessage,SMS and MMS message,Apple always save a copy of decryption keys that is provided to authorities. Now Apple will not save the copy of decryption key and the cloud backup can only be unlocked by the pass-code which account holder must be having.

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