Thoth technology Inc. – the well known company who manufactures product and provide services in field of space has tied up its patents in U.K and U.S.  The patents are for a space elevator.  The company named this tower as Freestanding Thothx tower, it’s a 12-mile- high tower which built will be the tallest structure so far in the world after breaking the record of Dubhai’s Burj Khalifa.

Freestanding Thothx Tower save almost 30% of energy and fuel as compared to the launches of spacecraft

The streaming new feature for the Freestanding Thothx Tower would be its style of launching the spacecraft. Rather than launching the spacecraft vertically they will be launched horizontally which would eliminate the most volatile variables fundamental to spaceflight. Thoth CEO Caroline Roberts quotes “Landing on a barge at sea level is a great demonstration, but landing at 12 miles above sea level will make space flight more like taking a passenger jet”.  As of now the company had enlisted many benefits of the tower, although the implementation part is still left. There is pneumatically pressurized interior which would guide the rigid inflatable structure around an elevator according to the Thots approach. The tower would save almost 30% of energy and fuel as compared to the launches of spacecraft which would be held on earth.

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Along with its many benefits the Freestanding Thothx Tower is planned to be made reusable for repetitive launches. Not only for launches the tower would be used for communication and tourism purposes making it a more than a perfect space elevator, also wind generation would be possible.

“An intriguing, promising concept, because a successful design would hugely reduce the fuel required to put a vehicle into space, thus lowering costs and increasing the feasibility of commercial space travel,” said Charles King, principal analyst for Pund-IT. The designs are looking good on the paper but yet these plans are one major step away from its destiny and this major step would decide the faith of the tower. For sure, if the tower is implemented as it is on paper the costing wasted in launching process would be reduced and the capital power would be shifted to the more on the interior of the spacecraft.

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