The iBobber is a smart fishing tool that uses sonar to catch the fishes. After combining 19th and 21st century technology, iBobber has introduced an interesting twist of sonar and app connectivity to fishing.

What we need to do to catch a fish is just attach the bobber to the fishing line and it will detect where the fishes in water are and how deep the water is. It will communicate this information via Bluetooth to a Smartphone, which will allow you to adjust the casting and the depth resulting in increasing the chances of getting a bite.

Obviously, the sonar would not reach the Mariana Trench but it can detect the depth up to 135 feet and has a sonar angle of 42-degrees, means the detection diameter gets wide toward the bottom of the well over 20 feet.

It can also detect the height of a fish based on the scale size.

It also has an additional feature for those who love fishing; the iBobber will inform you about the temperature and also includes a lunar calendar which will help you to know the ideal fishing timing and locations. The iBobber app for iOS and android are available for free on play store.

The iBobber will notify you when the fish is caught in the hook.

The iBobber costs for $100.

The iBobber consists:-

Smallest on market Longest battery life
LED Beacon Strike alarm
Strike alarm Waterbed mapping