A VPN (Virtual Private Network) extends your private network across a public network, such as a company internal network. There are several numbers of system that enables you to create network act as a medium of transporting data form one node to another. These system use various types of security mechanism like Encryption, authorize user can access data or like other one.

Top Free Vpn Provides 2016

The VPN is , allow a group of computers or network to connect over a public network (securing  or encrypt their communication when they are in public untrusted public network. ). The use of VPN is for Business use to employee securely connect or access their company’s intranet while they are travelling outside the office. VPN technology also use by normal user by using proxy server (connect single or multiple proxy server), purpose to protecting their identity and location.

Benefits of VPN :

  • Protect your privacy and cloaks your IP address.
  • Encrypt your public network.
  • Bypass content monitoring and censorship.
  • Brows and bypass policy.
  • Unlock any restricted service  form anywhere.
  • Transfer and receive file .
  • Encrypt or hide your VOIP call.
  • Hide you Identity

Top Free VPN providers of 2016:

There is some top free VPN providers which can protect your privacy to greater extent.

  1. HopSpot Shield Free
  2. Private Tunnel Free
  3. OkatFree VPN Free
  4. CyberGost Free
  5. Betternet Fee
  6. JustFreeVPN free
  7. VPNBookk Free
  8. AnchorFree HotSpot Shield Elite Free
  9. proxXPN Free
  10. VPNGate Free

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