Leap motion:

An innovative technology that may shock you………….

leap motion

Leap motion is a hardware device which is also touch less . It’s new method to give input to PC. Leap motion keeps track the movement of our hands in front of computer. It is used as input device like keyboard, mouse etc. But you do not need to touch this device to give input to computer through leap motion. It use sensors, which detects and understand the gestures and motions of our hands.

Shape of leap motion:

leap motion1

Leap motion looks like a USB drive. It looks like small black rectangle box as shown in fig. It’s rims are made of aluminum. Its base is rubberized. This device has three infrared sensors and two monochromatic cameras. It also has little connector port. USB cable is used to connect LM with computer.

leap motion2

Who made it?

Leap motion Inc. is company which is established in America. Leap motion is made by this company. This company makes sensor hardware devices that deal with hand and finger motions. It takes motion of hand or finger as input. It does not require any touch for this device.

How we will set Leap motion:

To use leap motion, first we have to install the setup of leap motion software controller. To install this software, visit https://www.leapmotion.com/setup website. This software handles the motion of hand after recognition.

How it works?

As we discussed above that leap motion reads gestures of our fingers. But question arises, ‘how?’

As, we mentioned above in shape of leap motion. This device has two monochromatic cameras and three infrared LEDs. It recognizes motion of hand in range of 1 meter (3 feet) distance. The sensors detect gesture and converts into a 3D pattern of dots of light. Three frames per second reflected data is generated by cameras, which is sent through USB cable to the PC. Outside the range, it’s difficult to recognize the movement of fingers.


It can be used to scroll webpages, zoom out/in images and maps.It used in drawing maps. Playing games with leap motion have a great fun with finger and hand movements.



Its price is $709.99 in india now a days. And its price in Pakistan is $183.59.

Different shapes of detection of hand’s motion:

 leap motion3.jpgleap motion4.jpg

leap motion5.jpgleap motion6.jpg


  • It is a new technology.
  • It has good precision to sense the motion of fingers than kinect of Microsoft.
  • Its price is low.
  • It is touch less device.
  • It is easy to use and setup.
  • It has a lot of fun when playing games without touching any device.



  • It is fatigue device, because when user constantly places hand in one place he feels fatigue.
  • Outside the range of recongnition, Its difficult to understand the gestures of hand for leap motion.

To get detail visit: https://www.leapmotion.com/.