Learning Python ch-1

Introduction to python:


what is programming language??

First off all we have to know what is programming language??
Programming language is a procedure for writing symbols to specify a given computational process.
Now another question is why study programming??
Here is the answer of your question, programs in computer programming prepare people to write and design software
Ethical gray hat hackers should study programming and learn as much about the subject as possible in order to find vulnerabilities in programs and get them fixed before unethical hacker take advantage of them.
why to learn python??

Now we must know that why to use and learn python and what is the difference between python and other programming languages ??.

In My views Python is simplest language to enter in the Programming World.
It has very simple Syntax ,there is no semicolon and brackets are Required.

Python is a very high level programming language and also a object oriented language.

It’s also very powerful and easy to learn and also easy to understand. Python syntax is user friendly and it’s the only famous high level language in which space have some meaning.

But remember not only learn python but also learn advance python ,without it there is no mean to learn python which have easiest syntax.


Lets Start

Lets start with some installations of compiler and Setting of working Environment for python coding and compiling .


For window user:

For window users to learn installation of python compiler click here.

For Linux user:

For Linux users it’s easy because most of the linux based O.S all ready  have python in it if it have not just type sudo apt-get install python3.3.

What to do next??

Learn how to make python first program by click here and subscribe by register Buffercode to learn more about python and wait for chapter 2.