Oracle being a leader in offering integrated cloud platforms and new age java, now launched its world’s first microprocessor with better efficiency and security during running database.

` Using a technique known as “Software in Silicon”, Oracle establish SPARC M7 processor which join rare hard-wired security and function.

“This is the first processor that enables future data centre is fully encrypted and it will give a co-engineered and highly integrated product consist of hardware and software, it is also very disciplined and easily engineering driven activity ” said by Oracle’s executive vice president John Fowler.

With the help of engineers of Oracle and Sun microsystem develop SPARC M7 processor in five and half years.

Basic idea behind this processor is providing function generally found in software available in microprocessor also.

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Security and Performance are the two areas where Oracle SPARC M7 merges silicon embedded advancement and it also involves memory protection called as “Silicon Secured Memory” ,it identifies an illegal memory reference i.e. when an application tries to access memory which to given to another application and stops it. Illegal Memory Reference produce vulnerability like buffer overflow that hacker can abuse.

It also eliminate a good board class of compromise when added in the processor, it is not only a security feature but also a programming best practice tool.

By dispatching responsibility-scanning data and joining row SPARC M7 chip speeds up in memory database.

Two new standalone servers SPARC T7 and SPARC M7 take advantage of new processor’s unique embedded performance and security function.

By supporting network encryption and live transfer encryption virtual machine from one server to another, Oracle Solaris 11.3 gives end to end security.

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