Now a days. technology become the part of our life and researchers are keep trying to make things better. Charging your devices are the most irritating part, so researchers keep trying to give you a better and comfortable experience. Many things come in light for this such as Portable batteries and wireless charger.
Wireless charging is an old concept to overcome from the problem of charging your devices, but still you need to place your device on the top of the pad. Off-course it makes no sense to develop the wireless charger, we need it to charge our device while working etc.

Now, imagine you never have to plugin your device, no need to find sockets for different devices or there will be technology that charges multiple devices at one time.
Energous Corporation developed a wire-free charging system WattUp, delivers safe and efficient energy over their in your home,car or just anywhere.It will fundamentally change the way you think about charging your portable electronic devices.

With WattUp, you no longer need to worry about looking for a charge: once you are in a WattUp wire-free charging zone, the battery life of all your devices will simply be managed, seamlessly and intelligently, so you can devote your time and energy to what really matters.
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How Does WattUp Work?

WattUp uses radio waves to charge your devices, you can connect all your devices in WattUp zone similar as Wi-Fi router.A Radio Frequency (RF) system, similar to a Wi-Fi system, delivers safe wire-free charging energy at a distance of up to 5m (15ft) from a transmitter to a receiver device, such as a mobile phone, and maintains charging while the receiver is in motion.  12 receiver devices can be managed by the system simultaneously.

WattUp : A Wireless Charger Will Charge Your All Devices At Once From 15 Feet

WattUp Hardware

WattUp uses multiple miniature antenna arrays and custom control chips in the transmitter to deliver highly targeted and dynamic packets. Highly efficient energy harvesting of the micro energy beams from these pockets then takes place via paired antenna arrays and custom chips in the receiver devices.

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