New Apple devices:

Apple Company launches new devices every year. Similarly, this company launched new apple devices on 16, October 2014 officially. New OS is also introduced in this event.

New Apple devices List:

New Apple Devices are listed here:

  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad Mini 3
  • iMac with Retina 5k Display

New Operating System: OS X Yosemite.

OSX Yosemite is not one of new apple devices. It is system software. It is powerful software to run on powerful new apple devices.

Now we describe features of these new apple devices one by one.

iPad Air 2 main features:

new apple devices

What is iPad Air 2? iPad Air 2 is a newest tablet of Apple Company. It is one of the new apple devices. It is inherited from iPad Air. It is a thinnest tablet yet. It is thin and lightweight. It is 6.1 mm thin. It is 18% thin than previous version. Its weight is .96 pound. We can go anywhere with this tab easily. Its display is retina display.

Cover glass, touch sensor and LCD were used in previous version separately. But it combines all that in just one. It ignores gaps. Because of ignoring gaps, internal reflectance has been removed. What benefit? Display result of thing is better e.g. imaging sharper, color clearance. Apple Company also provides covers. It protects this tablet from back.Its uses five sensors: Touch ID, Three-axis gyro, Accelerometer, Ambient light sensor, Barometer.

Price: US $499

Screen Size: 9.7 inch

Resolution: 2048X1536

Pixels on screen:3.1 million

Pixel per inch: 264

Color: Silver, Space Gray, Gold


 iSight Camera Pixels: 8MP

Resolution: 3264X2448

Front face: 1.2 MP

Dual Microphones

Video recording: 1080p (HD)

new apple devices1

iPad Air 2 Performance:

The performance of this new tab is very fast. It is faster than iPad Air. Its architecture is 64-bit. A8X chip is used as processor. 3 billion transistors are used this architecture. Due to this, processor gives more speed and better graphics. Its processor is 40% than previous A7. A7 is a processor, which is used in last iPad. Its graphic performance is 2.5 times faster than A7.The OS for this tab is iOS 8. It is advance mobile OS.

 iPad Air 2 Metal & M8 coprocessor:

It is a new technology. It gives greatest performance of graphics. It allows CPU and GPU to work together for detailed and complex visual effects. Battery life time is up to 10 hours. M8 coprocessor detects the activity of your work on iPad. It reduces load on CPU. Due to this reason, it saves the battery.

 iPad Air 2 Touch ID Technology:

The lines of finger of everybody are different naturally. This technology uses your fingerprint as unlock. You can unlock your device using this Touch ID. It is not only used to unlock your device. But Online shopping has been made secure on iTune, iBook and App store using this technology.

iPAd Air 2 WI-FI:

Wireless speed on this tab is 2 times faster than previous version. LTE technology is also used in this tab. LTE is used, where Wi-Fi is not accessible.

These are all features of one of new apple devices. To read further detail of iPad Air 2, visit official site

iPad Mini 3:

new apple devices4

iPad Mini 3 is one of new apple devices. It is little bigger than mobile. But it can easily be fitted in hand. It is thin and lightweight. Its display is also retina display like iPad Air 2 display. It is 7.5mm thin. Its weight is 0.73 pound. Its battery life time is up to 10 hours.

Its uses four sensors: Touch ID, Three-axis gyro, Accelerometer, Ambient light sensor.

iPad Mini 3 physical Features:

Screen size: 7.9 inch

Screen technology: LED backlit

Resolution: 2048X1536

Ppi: 326 pixels

Height: 7.87inches

Width: 5.3 inches

Price: US $399

iPad Mini3 Performance:

Its architecture is also 64-bit. A7 chip is used as processor. M7 motion processor is also used in this device. This motion processor tracks the activity of user. It also reduces loads on CPU. It was introduced in September 2013. OS for this device is iOS8.

iPad Mini 3 Touch ID:

The working of Touch ID is like iPad Air 2 Touch ID.


iSight Camera: 5MP

Front Face Camera: 1.2 MP

Video recording: 1080p (HD)

iPad Mini 3 Wi-Fi:

Its Wi-Fi has a good performance. Good performance of Wi-Fi is due to two antennas and MIMO technology. It also uses LTE technology to get greatest performance of internet.

These are features of one of new apple devices. To see more detail, visit official site

iMac With Retina 5K Display:

new apple devices7

iMac is one of new apple devices. It is newest computer of Apple Company. It is also announced on 16 October officially.  Apple has added new features in this PC. Other technology companies may not compete with this device.

iMac with Retina Display features:

iMac screen size is 27-inch. It has wireless keyboard and magic mouse or magic track pad. New technology for screen is used, LED-backlit Retina Display. Quad-core or Intel core for i5 or i7 is a processor of this iMac. Its processor speed is up to 4.0 GHz. Its memory is 32 GB. Its price is US $2499.

To run this powerful device, there was a need of powerful operating system. Therefore, Apple Company developed a new powerful and featured OSX Yosemite.

It has four 3 USB ports. It has also two Thunderbolts 2 ports. Speed of data transfer of thunderbolts ports is 20 Gbps. It also uses 3TB Fusion Drive. What is Fusion Drive? Fusion Drive is combined with hard drive. It is used as a single unit of storage. Frequently used folders, files, documents, photos etc. are moved on this drive. Infrequently used folders are moved on hard drive. It speeds up the system.

Other features of iMac with retina Display:

Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology

Wi-Fi: 802.11 ac Wi-Fi for fast Wi-Fi speed

FaceTime HD Camera

AMD graphics

External USB SuperDrive( sold separately)

These are features of new apple devices. To learn more detail about iMac, visit official site