NFC tags: Utilizing the hidden technology inside your phone


NFC or Near Field Communication is a relatively unknown information sharing technology in all modern mobile devices.

We simply overlook this feature, since it requires the two sharing devices to be really close, also the transfer speed is not as fast as compared to other already existing third party applications like ShareIt or Superbeam.

Although through advancements in this technology, companies have found a way to utilize this technology in a proper way, by using small sticker like chips called the NFC Tags.


NFC tags can be found in many shapes and colors, they sell for as cheap as 5$ (Rs.250-300) for a pack of 5 tags, which can be simply sticked to any surface and be enabled to perform a certain user defined function in your mobile phone. They are fast and reliable, you just have to press your phone against the tag and it will enable the function or setting that you have set earlier. There are many applications on the Play Store that can be used to write your settings on the tag, some popular applications are- NFC Tools, Trigger, Tag Writer etc.

NFC tags can be used for many creative purposes, which will definitely save your time and at the same time look really cool (straight out of a James Bond movie).

Some clever uses of NFC Tags are stated below-

Make a hotspot for your laptop and tablet

Stick a tag on your laptop or tab and program it to turn on your smartphone’s Wi-Fi hotspot when you place your phone on it. Boom – instant Wi-Fi!

Trigger Sleep Mode from your bed

Place a tag on a convenient spot near your bed and program it to turn off connectivity, sounds, and open the alarm app. You can also make the tag revert your phone to normal when you use it next morning. And here’s another great idea – make your alarm turn itself off only through NFC tags. Then place your “alarm off” tag somewhere far from bed. No more “late to school” days.

Connected car experience

You don’t need a BMW to enjoy connectivity features. Just stick a NFC tag on your car dashboard and program it to turn on Bluetooth, GPS and 3G, open Google Maps, and whatever else you need on your smartphone.

Start your PC with a smartphone

This method is somewhat technically advanced as compared to other methods but it sure is a lot cooler. By harnessing your PC’s wake on LAN functionality and the power of NFC tags, you can start your PC by placing your smartphone on an NFC tag in a convenient spot.

Give your guests instant access to your Wi-Fi network

When your guests ask you for your WiFi password point them to the nearest NFC tag containing your network credentials. Use the InstaWifi app on the play store to program the tag with the password. This way you’ll never have to tell them your actual password, but they can still access your internet.

Auto-start timers

Need a timer to get through a particular task? Place a NFC tag near it and program it to start a countdown.

Easy pair with Bluetooth speaker

If a Bluetooth speaker is your main means of listening to music somewhere, put a tag near it and set it up to turn on your phone’s Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and music player.

So, if your phone contains the NFC feature, then you should definitely try these out and have fun with them. The fact that they are available so cheaply doesn’t hurt either.

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