Twitter’s Custom Emojis as an Ad Unit

Sometime back a thought came into my mind that why Twitter, one of the leading social networking platform is not charging up for its custom emoticons. The fact is brands are always eager and ready to spend money for advertisements. And if the platform is so much global than it will be an act of fool only to not grab the golden opportunity!!  The good news is that the case has flipped up and its no more as such. Coca Cola has got its own custom emoji (previously called hashflag). The unique element was shared recently.

Till this moment of time, twitter has given up the entry to custom emoji for only special events such as a recent incident of promoting the upcoming “Star Wars” movie and the VMAs. But that case was totally different then this case as at that time it was not an ad deal or a bigger partnership like the when that happened now.

When Ross Hoffman , senior director of global brand strategy at twitter was communicated about this news he said that it was true and the possibilities can cash a lot to the twitter. He told more about the idea as he was further asked.

Idea Beahind the emoji campaign was of Coca cola

He told up that the idea behind the emoji campaign was of Coca cola. The company is massive global partner of twitter and when they proposed the idea their was none of the reason to say no. People have a mutual liking for emoji and are actively used on social platforms. The idea came into existence because of the collaborative work of Twitter’s brand strategy team, Coca Cola and W+K . The thing is not Coca cola is paying for it in sort of cash as it’s a part of global alignment which includes access to resources and market offerings.

Twitter is not opening up the information what its getting up from the idea, but one thing is clear that it has opened up the opportunity for other brands to come up and have their own custom emoji and advertise through it. Emoticons have become an integral part of twitter as there is a limit of 140 words and emoji can express a lot in less words!!

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