This time we found something interesting for you. Did you ever think that you can play chess in facebook messenger, while chatting with your friend?
Yes , you can play chess in Facebook messenger. Here we write about How To Play Hidden Chess Game Inside Facebook Messenger.

How to Unlock chess game hidden inside facebook messanger?

How To Play Hidden Chess Game Inside Facebook Messenger

  1. Open your facebook messenger.
  2. Open a chat message of your friend(from which you want to play chess).
  3. Type @fbchess play and click on send .

That’s it …..!!!!!!!! Now a chess board will be displayed in your chatting window.

Type @fbchess help to get help for facebook chess rules.

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Some tips and commands to play chess in facebook

Start game with random colors: @fbchess play
Pick the colors: @fbchess play white/black
Pick the opponent: @fbchess play white John

Make a move: use Standard Algebraic Notation @fbchess e4 or @fbchess Pe4 moves pawn to e4 Nbd2 to move knight from b-file to d2 B2xc5 to take on c5 with 2nd rank bishop e8=Q to promote pawn to queen 0-0-0 or O-O to castle Claim draw (e.g. 3-fold repetition): @fbchess draw claim Offer a draw in the current position: @fbchess draw offer Offer an undo of the last move: @fbchess undo Resign: @fbchess resign Show current position: @fbchess show Show stats between current players: @fbchess stats Continue a game from another conversation: @fbchess continue From 1:1 conversation, @fbchess continue with [friend] From group chat, @fbchess continue from [thread name]

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