Boss Gonna Overshadow Windows in Government Desktops


Boss Linux

It seems that Indian government is taking concern and serious efforts in the area of cyber security. Well the new initiative by them is aiming a lot high. The Centre for Development of Advanced Computing or C-DAC is working on a brand new operating system called BOSS or in full form simply Bharat Operating System Solutions which sets the goal of replacing Microsoft’s Operating system, Windows in all governmental platforms around the country.

The idea seems to be implemented till the time this week sees its end but its an obvious thing that it will take a bit of time in becoming an integral part of the governmental system all across the country.

The main purpose of developing a different Operating system other than the most popular one used across a varied platforms is the concern of security. The BOSS is developed keeping in mind the security. The Operating System has got secure protocols to make it less open to cyber attacks and makes nearly impossible for any sort of hacking attempts by external contents.

A government officer concerned with the project give some light further, ”We have no dearth of developers here.  BOSS has almost all the features that one can get in, say, Windows. The earlier version was less user-friendly and had few features. We will seek help of Indian software biggies to develop it further”.

The development of BOSS Linux came out of the reason that Microsoft Windows is a part of global security hacks among which the prominent names are America and China, the two super powers of world. The whole initiation by India’s government is marvelous as it shows their concern towards the cyber security arena too..At this point of time we can hope that The India’s original O.S., BOSS will have quicker updates and more loaded feature as the time will pass on..!!

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