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Wednesday, December 1, 2021
Sony A7R IV camera

New Sony A7R IV camera is a 61 MP full-frame mirrorless Wonder

Sony unveiled the most recent in its line of compatible focal point mirrorless cameras on Tuesday, appearing the A7R IV, its awesome full-outline advanced shooter went for masters. The...

GIGABYTE 990FX-Gaming and 970-Gaming motherboard for AMD3+ Processors

GIGABYTE introduced two new high-end motherboards for AMD FX processor with up-to-date features. The new GIGABYTE motherboard is belongs to premium gaming lineup with latest storage I/O technology like...

Virtualization in Mac | How to create Virtual machine in Virtual Box?

Virtual Machine Virtual machines are machines or systems that do not physically exist but gives the feel of working on a physical machine or system. To create a virtual machine,...

USB Killer 2.0 : It can destroy your system in just some seconds

Do you remember Killer USB? It is about the new version of Killer USB, this time with tremendous powers. Let’s talk a bit about the previous version of Killer USB,...
mi-smart tv

MI new TV launch on September 17th, 2019

MI new TV launch on September MI new TV : Xiaomi has recently declared that it will release savvy and smart home gadgets in its greatest ever IoT dispatch to...

TOSHIBA CHROMEBOOK 2: A brilliant and vibrant display with an epic battery life and...

A brilliant and vibrant display with an epic battery life and excellent keyboard, all this in an affordable price. It`s silver color makes the chromebook to the beat. sound-quality...
Sony SLM-M SSD, sony ssd

Sony SSD : Sony Enters in SSD world with SLW-M model

In this month Sony finally enters into SSD (Solid State Drives) world with its first two new model. These two new model features of 240GB (SLW-MG2) and 480GB (SLW-MG4)....