Do you remember Killer USB? It is about the new version of Killer USB, this time with tremendous powers.

Let’s talk a bit about the previous version of Killer USB, In march this year a researcher nick named Dark Purple invented an USB which can destroy some sensitive components of your system when plugged in.

Now he is back with his new more powerful invention The Killer USB 2.0. This time he claimed and proved that USB Killer 2.0 can destroy the whole system by just plugging in the computer.

More Powerful Killer USB 2.0

If we talk about the previous version it consisted of a DC/DC convertor, FET and a few caps. The Killer USB charge up the caps up to -110V when plugged in and supply that voltage to signal lines of the USB interface. The same process was repeated until everything in the computer destroys.

And now in Killer USB version 2.0 he managed to double the voltage supply for the signal lines of the USB interface. Which is more than enough to destroy any computer.

Other major advancement in Killer USB 2.0 is the reaction rate, it starts working in just some seconds after plugging in and destroy the computers with the flick of your eyebrows.

Testing of Killer USB 2.0

He tested the Killer USB 2.0 on his new Lenovo ThinkPad X60, and destroyed it completely in just some seconds. He also provided the proof video demonstration of his Killer USB 2.0. The reaction rate is really surprising.

Video Proof of Killer USB 2.0

He wrote in his blog spot “Do not worry about the laptop, the new motherboard is on the way – and the laptop will live again, originally did not plan to restore it, the laptop was purchased specifically for the test.”

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This not a new destruction weapon in the field of computers, we have already seen many examples that these constructive things can also be used for the destruction. A hacker can turn your computer in to a bomb by just playing with some codes.

So you have to be aware to survive in this world, now if you find an USB or someone offers you it for free, think twice before accepting it. Because nothing is free in this world, it may cost you far more than it worth.

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