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Programming with files in C: Counting Character,Tabs, Spaces from files and writing on files

C Programming with files : Counting Character,Tabs, Spaces from files and writing on files

C Programming with files  ( Reading and playing with characters of file) After reading our previous post, you are now ready to play with C Programming with files . Let's start...
Exploit Shell code using Command-line

Exploit using shell code from command line

After reading our previous post:Exploiting buffer overflows using command line it's time to do Exploit Shell code using Command-line but I think you do want to clear your doubt...
Memory management in C Programming

Memory management in C Programming:Computer Memory

Memory management in C is one of the important topic as it's not only about memory management in c but also about Computer Memory Management. In this section you...

C++Advance (STL) Map

Here I want to clear the concepts of map in short.There are 4 associate containers (binary tree) : set ,multiset ,map and multimap .Applications of map are very important...

Reverse String in c++ using sstream

One of  good question can be asked about string is How to Reverse String ?  You can do in many ways but I am going to show you , the...

How to solve LASTDIG problem in SPOJ ?

Last digit problem in SPOJ looks simple but it contains a important concept of Modular exponentiation. If want AC in submission then you have to know about this concept ,to...

How to use long long data type in C?

In order of size, starting with the smallest, the integer types are char, short,int, long and long long. The smaller types have the advantage of taking up less memory,...
Basic Linux Exploits : Moving towards exploit

Basic Linux Exploits: Moving towards exploits

Note: Hacking is not a joke so please keep patience and learn it step by step. If you have read all our previous posts , you are ready to exploits the...
Basic Linux exploits: Function Calling Procedure

Basic Linux exploits: Function Calling Procedure

Note: Hacking is not a joke so please keep patience and learn it step by step. Note: Before reading this post you must read : Learn hacking...
best compiler for c / c++

Best C / C++ Compiler : Compilation using gcc

Searching for best C compiler for compilation?? You must have to stop searching here. gcc/g++: Gross compiler for C /C++ is the best compiler for execution or compilation of c/c++...
Top 5 android apps a programmer must have

Top 5 Android Apps a Programmer must have

It's time to do something exciting for Android users, here we are presenting Top 5 Android Apps a Programmer must have . If you are a programmer or Love...
arrays of structure :buffercode


In our previous post you learn Intro to Structures in c programming that is why use structures in C,Syntax of structures in C ,Declaration of structures ,Declaration of structures...

Structures In C

Why we use Structures In C ? When we deal with real world data ,we don't usually deal with only int,char,float.. Instead of this we deal with real world entities...
2-D array of character

More In Arrays:2-D Array of Character,Array of Pointers to String,mallaoc and their Uses

2-D Array Of Characters These are similar to the 2-D array of integers For EX:- In arr ,2 are the number of rows and 3 defines the size of each...
strings and their use in c

Strings:Strings and their use in C programming

Strings are the set of character stored in a character array likewise we store group of integers in int array. Strings are one of the most important and wide...
c data types

Getting Started:C Data Types and Constants

At primary stage C data types are divided into 3 categories : integer ,character and real. Let us explore these data types. // Integer : It's simple to understand that...
c program Machine code

How to use Debugger tool objdump in Linux

Debugger Tool Objdump in Linux Debugger Tool objdump: C feel more familiar and C compiler exist in every operating system .Basically Linux is a free operating system that every has...

Function In C/C++ Programming

Functions as the name suggest "to do some task " . Similarly  in c/c++ ,functions are group of some codes that together performs a certain task. Every C/C++ program...

C-Programming Statements: continue and goto statements

Lets continue with the statements .... Continue statement Continue statement leads to the end of the current iteration and leads to the new iteration. It allows the compiler to reach the...
if-else decision control


SELECTION STATEMENT: IF-ELSE STATEMENT The if keyword is used to execute the statements/ block of statements . If the condition is true then those statements will be executed else the...
C Operators

Operators in C /C++ programming & Their Use

An Operator is a  symbol that tells compiler to perform certain mathematical or logical operations. Operators are usually same in all programming language like c/c++ , java , python etc. Built-in...

How to use file input/output

File Input/Output  Why we need file input/output programming? As we know it is not enough to just display the data on screen because if data is large  ,only a limited amount...
Use Pointers in c / C pointers

C pointers and their use

C Pointers : Use of Pointers in C with simple Steps C Pointers  are the most difficult feature of C for beginners .Other languages have Pointers  but only few use them...