China Arrested Hackers on the Request of U.S Government


The things happen in movies can actually happen in the real life too. The recent action of China reminds me of the latest release The Martian.

This is probably the first time in the history when China helped U.S government. Yes, the China government arrested the hackers on the request of U.S government.

And it is probably the outcome of the visit of the Chinese President Xi Jinping to USA. Then within a month the Chinese government took a much unexpected step by arresting the handful of hackers on the request of U.S government.

Last month the President Xi Jinping visited U.S.A and had a cyber Deal with the U.S President in which they both agreed that neither side will participate in commercial spying against one another.

An unknown source said Obama administration officials told China “We need to know that you are serious. So we gave them a list, and we said – ‘Look, here’s the guys. Round them up.”

Although, there is no public report about the arrest of the hackers, about who are arrested and what are they going to do with them?

This may also prove to be a fake gesture made by the government of China just to relief the tensions between the Nations. But now we can’t conclude anything about the report.

It is just that for the first time China helped U.S.A, may it will improve the relations between the two Nations. The time will tell us.


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