Obama Encryption Policy


As the consequences of exposure that Edward Snowden made about NSA, the citizens of USA are now demanding for more transparent security.

From last some days citizens of USA are appealing the Obama Administration by some campaigning to reject the policies or laws that are against their security and privacy in the cyberspace and adopt strong encryption for them.

Law Enforcement Agency

According to the reports, the LEA is facing a great problem in accessing the information that they get from gaining the access to the criminals’ and terrorist’s communication.

Also the state agencies in searching for the criminals of Child kidnapping and other little crimes, they face a great difficulty.


Encryption of data plays an important role in the security and the privacy of the citizens. It is the only way by which the citizens feel safe.

In encryption method the person who is sending and receiving the message can only read that message.

Encryption also allows the citizens to encrypt the data on the electronic devices. Only the person with key can access the data on the device. However the companies leave some backdoors in the system for the quality check.

Now the problem is the companies who are providing the encryption are in common between the LEA and citizens. And the LEA is forcing these companies to provide them with the key to access the information of the citizens so that they can easily decode the communication data and have control over the crime.

For this they want the companies to build some vulnerabilities in the system and provide them with the Golden Key to access the Information.

Isn’t it violates the definition of Encryption, security and Privacy?

And how can they ensure the citizens that those vulnerabilities will not be exploited by others Hackers?

National Security Council spokesman Mark Stroh also replied, As part of those efforts, we are actively engaged with private companies to ensure they understand the public safety and national security risks that result from malicious actors’ use of their encrypted services and products.

What are the demands of citizens?

The citizens of USA are raising their voices or their right of security, privacy and integrity.

They have started an online campaign on savecryto.org. People are showing their support by signing the petition on the website.

According to the stats they only need 50,000 more participation to reach 100,000 and they will get the reply from White House.

Also if the count reaches to the notch of 370,000 then it will be the most popular WhiteHouse.gov petition ever.

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