StageFright 2.0 Fixed

StageFright 2.0 fixed

Few days back, the researchers warned google of the new Stage Fright Bug. This bug affected more than a billion devices that are running on Android OS.

This newly found bug allowed the hackers to take control of the target’s device just by sending a malicious Audio or Video file to the target device.

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In April of this year the Zimperium warned Google of the first Stagefright Bug, which allowed the hackers to gain access of any Android device just by sending a text message.

But now the good news is Google has fixed this bug by throwing an On the Air Update for Nexus Devices, as promised by Google to fix the bug by oct.5. This patch fixes the holes in Stagefright media playback engine of the Android.

In total this patch fixes 30 vulnerabilities in android which obviously includes the 14 critical bugs in Stagefright library of Android. Along with the fix of Stagefright bug the patch also fixes 5 remote Code Execution Bugs, 8 Elevation of Privilege Bugs and 2 DDOS bugs in Media server.

As a replacement for revelation of the vulnerabilities, Google just said that “the company had no reports of active customer exploitation of these newly reported issue.”

Nexus device users can now install the updates, I would recommend install it as soon as possible.


As per the tweet by CEO Jason Mackenzie, HTC device users have to wait a bit for the patch. But it is still unclear when Samsung and LG will release the patch to fix the Vulnerabilities.

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