Twitter- the highly popular online and social-networking service where users post and read tweets, which are of 140 character length. This social networking giant was created in March 2006. The creators of this excellent messaging platform are, Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Evan Williams and Biz Stone. It was launched in July, the same year.

VERSATILE ASPECTS OF USER-FRIENDLY TWITTER MOBILE APPSThe ultimate aim of most of the social networking services is, connecting people around the world. Twitter also serves with the same motto. In this machine life, the social networking services like Twitter, makes the users’ life cool and helps them to communicate with people across the globe.

There will be pros and cons in every little thing. Same is the case for these services. It is in the hands of the users to use them in the positive way and pave way for their cool life.

The exciting twitter mobile apps are as follows.

Best Twitter mobile apps

List of best twitter mobile apps:

  • Tweetbot

Tweetbot is one of the highest-rated app among all the Twitter apps and it is widely used by the people across the globe. The app’s interface simplifies the all the function and operation. It also allows the users to build the multiple timelines and the users can switch between their timelines. The users can make use of the smart gestures of the app, in order to make use of the simplified functionality.

This app is not available for the free of cost, it is less expensive than the normal Twitter app. This app is worth for $5.79 from the app store. Android users can’t make use of Tweetbot. It is available for the mac users. For them it is worth for $14.99 from the app store.

  • Plume

Plume is the best option for the Android users. It also comes with greater  functionality. The app has a great processing speed. It helps the users by supporting multiple Twitter accounts. People have more customization options in it. They can change the app, the way they want like, and request the app to perform the actions what they want exactly. This includes, changing the color of the tweets, swith between themes and hiding avatars.

In this app, users can manage multiple Twitter accounts, they can view their inline photo previews, edit their profile as they wish, they can what is the trendy thing happening and much more interesting things.

This app has all the features of the native Twitter app, but the interface of the app differs from the native app. Android users can enjoy Plume for free. The premium and the ad-free one is available for $4.99.

  • UberSocial

Most of the Twitter users, prefer UberSocial. It is the full-featured app among all the Twitter apps. This app really has the excellent features, which will make the users feel like, how they have been without these features in the past. This app has the huge fan base.

This app has the moveable menu bar. People can hide or show all the essential functions with this app. Just with the single tap of a button, UberTabs will let the users to compose tweets. For the users, who have multiple accounts, Uber social is the best choice. The most exciting news is that, it is available for free for android, iOS and Blackberry devices as well.

  • Carbon for Twitter

It provides a great opportunity for the Android users who miss out the apps like Tweetbot. This app is greatly known for its functionality and performance. This app differs from the native app and other Twitter apps; that is, this app displays everything in one screen; so that the users can stop swiping between the tabs. Imagine how the user will feel, if they see Timelines, Searches, Lists, Favourites, profiles and trends in one tab. This will really be an exciting one. The highlight is that, it will not look like a mess.

This app supports the YouTube and Vine Video play back. This app has a tilt timeline for refreshing, it also has GIF support, periscope support and many more cool features. Above all, it is frequently updated. It gets better and better and the best finally.

  • HootSuite

Most of the Twitter users and others are aware of the HootSuite. It is the desktop version for all types of the social media services like, Facebook, Twitter and much more similar services. HootSuite mobile version is also available and that is available for free.

The mobile app also functions in the same way as like the desktop version. It includes, scheduling tweets, multile user management, trach analytics and compose tweets easily. This app is frequently updated, just to be up-to-date with all the services in it. Equal importance is given to all the all the services. There is no special mention to a particular service.

It is free for the Android and the iOS devices.

  • Twitterrific

Only iOS users can make use of this app. Twitterrific is another high-rated Twitter app. This app is well known for its smart design, which has amazing visuals without sacrificing on the functionality. The important aspect is that, it is the only Twitter app that works on the Apple Watch. Twitter power user can make use of this app and take advantage over its features.

Features of this app includes, complete color customization, awesome hashtag filters for the timeline, voiceover support, native push notifications and much more features. Android users can’t make use of this service. It is freely available for the iOS devices. In its initial stage it was $2.99, the Mac version is available for $9.95.

  • Echofon

It is a free Twitter app. This app has more nosy ads, which will annoy the users.

This is the only free app that will bring the push notifications and inline photo previews. It has a intrusive interface, which is built for the speed. This app is available for both the Android and the iOS devices.

Features of Twitter

Twitter is well-known for its unique features. All these features will make up Twitter. Twitter features are as follows.

  • Connect

For the Twitter freshers, who don’t have the idea of whom to follow, Twitter Connect will help the beginners. This tool suggests, friends, publications, brands and other things based on who the user is following, tweets liked by the user and their current location.

  • Group creation

Users who are greatly interested in twitter than any other social networking sites can create groups on Twitter. This group works same like the WhatsApp groups or the group in Facebook Messenger. Users can create their own groups as they wish and they even subscribe to the groups, which are created by others. They can chat, send emojis and then enjoy with GIFs.

  • Saves mobile data

As like other social networking sites, Twitter is also data intensive. Video streaming can waste users 3G or 4G limits very quickly. If the videos are in the auto downloading mode, users can change adjust their settings. Twitter allows the users to look at the tweets without the images.

  • Dark mode

This feature minimizes the bright light effect on the smart phones. This was recently added to Twitter. This dark mode feature can help the users to take care of their eyes. Even the social networking sites are highly concentrated on the users’ health.

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