Oculus VR , one of the most famous company of making virtual reality headset hardware and software products. Palmer Luckey is the founder of this company. He founded this American technology company in June 2012 in Irvin, California, now based in Manlo Park. Palmer Luckey was launched the Rift, a virtual reality headset in April 2012. In August company also launced a Kickstarter compaign to make virtual reality headsets available to developers. Oculus DK1(Development Kit 1) and Oculus DK2(Development Kit 2) are two pre-production models released to developers. On March 28, 2016 the consumer product was released with all new design incorporating specialized VR(visual reality) displays, positional audio, and infrared tracking system.

Oculus reduces the price of rift and controller:-

A good news for video game lovers that Oculus reduce the price of rift and controller. The price of reduces from $800 to $600. Today the company announced new reduced price of Rift virtual reality headset and the Touch controller. The combined price of both Rift virtual reality headset and touch controller are $600, $500 for Rift virtual reality headset and $100 for touch controller. Oculus Rift has making with stereoscopic display, 2160×1200 or 1080×1200 resolution per eye, a 90 Hz refresh rate and 110 degree field of view. It has rotational and position tracking integrated headphones which provide a 3D audio effect. The IR LEDs released a light that picking up by USB stationary infrared sensor which perform the position tracking system called “Constilation”.

Robo Recall : Amazing Game for VR Owners.

There is one another good news for gamers and VR users that the most popular game Robo Recall also launched today. Robo Recall is free for VR owners and it is one of the most amazing game in VR.

Reduce of price by Oculus VR put pressure on other companies. Sony, HTC, Google are the other most popular companies for making Visual reality headset.

We have a another amazing news for you, Samsung announced that Gear VR-power virtual reality headset developed in the partnership with Oculus.

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