After the invention of DuoSkin Tattoo, tattoo on your body could be more than just a simple design by ink.

Researchers create temporary tattoos you can use to control your devices

Researchers have created a new kind of temporary tattoo which will can be use as controller for android phones and other types of devices. DuoSkin tattoo named, the tattoo were created as a joint effort of MIT and Microsoft team.

These temporary tattoos may look like any other jwellery instead of tattoos of decades past as they are made up of gold leaf( and sometime LEDs).

Main uses of high tech temporary tattoo

Scientists outlines 3 main features or say uses for the high-tech temporary tattoo.

  1. An Input Device: So that we can send any input through it(as a controller). Ex. Smartphone app
  2. An Output Device: So that tattoo itself can show the output on display.
  3. Communication Device: When tattoos use NFC to send data to other devices.

You can watch below video for more:

Users can also share their emotions through these tattoos to their partner. Let’s imagine: If one of them is angry then he just need to press his tattoo as input to show his expression and there will be the red flame as output on his partner tattoo.  Is not it sexy??

“I think nothing is sexier than changing your body skin style”( Line copied from video).

“In the future when you walk into a tattoo parlor, you would come out with a tattoo like this,” says Cindy Hsin-Liu Kao, a PhD student who worked on the project. “They will not only be very sophisticate technically but they will become an extension of yourself.”

You can follow MIT website to read more on DuoSkin Tattoo.

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