Messenger Web version

Social network giant Facebook launches Messenger web version for focused chat experience on Wednesday, this is the new way to chat from a browser on your desktop as you would using the Messenger web version app. This web application is accessible at . This web application is designed for focused web chat through your PC , you don’t need to install Messenger Application on your smartphone. But there are some question arise on this release from Facebook ,that are:

When we can chat from , then why facebook need to launch new web platform It is very important question, that is blown in our mind after hearing that news. is social networking site on which we can see news feed, friends activity , other stuffs like chatting etc. but on other hand is designed for those who only want to use focused chatting i.e they want to stay out of other stuffs like  news feeds, friends activity. is made for those users who want to message without the other distractions that Facebook can provide.

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Features of Facebook Messenger web version:

1. Know when people have seen your texts. 2. Make HD calls anywhere in the world.
3. Snap photos and shoot videos. 4. Choose from thousands of stickers.
5. Record voice messages. 6. Chat with your favorite groups.

This is the another big release from after release of Whatsapp for web. Messenger web version is almost same as Whatsapp web but in messenger you don’t need install Messenger Application your phone unlike Whatsapp. Facebook has no plans to remove messaging chat service from Facebook already did this on mobile platform, requiring users to download the separate Messenger app to send and receive messages from their smartphone.

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