Today many organisations are struggling to eliminate the use of smartphones and other devices to access their social media pages or accounts. Also, there seems to be an irresistible urge to take selfies and share memes continually.

Such tendencies have contributed immensely to unproductivity at the workplace according to managers and supervisors.

Despite all the efforts to ban the use of social media at the workplace, the management has failed terribly in keeping the employees away from their gadgets.

Research by Pew Research Center found that 77 percent of employees use social media on their job. We believe, now this is the time that employers should stop devoting too much efforts to prevent employees from using social media in the workplace.

In this case, the use of social media is more than keeping track of your Facebook shared count.

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It is more about focusing on how social media could benefit employees. New research has proven that workers who are encouraged to skype, tweet and chat to mention a few are for a fact the most productive at the workplace.

In what ways does embracing social media in the workplace help business?

  1. Increased productivity

Incorporating Simple Notification Service (SNS) into the use of social media in the workplace could improve productivity significantly.

Other studies show that employees who are social, they are more inclined to taking time to do research on issues that are faced by customers and also come up with practical solutions. More so, it enables them to be comfortable collaborating with people that they are also not so familiar with.

  1. Retention

Many major contributors to high employee turn-over, are restricting the use of social media. And they are backed by a study conducted by Lorenzo Bizzi which found that social media may cause employees to jump the ship.

There are smart ways in which you could use social media to keep the employees on the ship and still have top-notch productivity. How so? How about you use Simple Notification Service to motivate your employees and engage them.

You could drop a few announcements once in a while to recognise excellent performance. This way you will build teamwork, trigger peer-to-peer feedback and so on. You will succeed at keeping your employees engaged hence increase the likelihood of them staying.

  1. Information delivery

You will be surprised to find out that if you let your employees use social media, they will use the opportunity more on delivering and discovering work-related information as opposed to sharing inappropriate memes that is the fear of most employers.

Also, allowing employee use social media will end up having employee’s share information about your business and that way increase brand awareness for your product. Remember that most of the information they will be able to come across could save the day for your organisation.

  1. Strengthening of personal relationships

Research conducted for the Australian Institute of Business show that team-work plays a significant role in the output of any given organisation. If co-workers are allowed to interact with each other, then a friendly relationship built.

It means that it becomes much more comfortable for employees to put together their efforts in the workplace. Team-work is crucial as it is through it that ideas are generated as the people try to come up with solutions to problems collectively. Also, team-work increases efficiency in the process of work.

Encouraging communication among co-workers will do your organisation more good than harm. Also, it increases the morale of the employees.

  1. Gives employees a mental break

It might not have been earlier mentioned but, one of the primary reasons that employees are allowed to use social media in the workplace is to take a mental break. A survey done by Professional Research Consultants on the purpose, why workers use social media at work? Showed that the number one reason was for a mental break.

Why are they important? There are so many benefits of taking breaks at work. One is that it fosters creativity and passion. Breaks also fix one’s concentration span and can also keep you on schedule. All can agree to the fact that breaks on social media are better than going to the break room to read a paper or worse still, walk to a colleague’s station and interrupt him.

  1. Intelligence

Every organisation needs employees who can think outside the box when faced with a situation. How does social media come into play? Studies have shown that individuals that build online networks, communicate and research are among the most innovative and progressive minds.

Exposure and being informed is useful primarily in fields such as advertising floors and call centers.

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