Omg!!! Omg!!! You can use WhatsApp from your web browser!!!! Can’t believe ….. Just the end of humor ….. :).Whatsapp official release for browser , now you can access whatsapp from any where ,any pc , Laptop , etc . It’s the end of restrictions for the best messaging app ever. The leader of all messaging applications now allow their users to access there account on Chrome Web Browser . Before wasting your time now I should tell you that how to access whatsapp from browser .

How to access whatsapp from web browser for PC (Desktop)??

It’s as easy as you can think. Below are the steps to use or say access whatsapp from web browser for Desktop, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Open Google Chrome( If you don’t have just download it from here )
    Warning: For now Whatsapp only works on Google Chrome .
  2. Open Whatsapp from web by click here or just copy paste on url bar.
  3. Download whatsapp latest version or just update your whatsapp from play store .
    Download or Update : Whatsapp

    To Update Whatsapp Is must as only updated whatsapp has include these features.You can see it in the Image shown below.

    Whatsapp on web browser: Official Release for PC

  4. Open the whatsapp from mobile and click on WhatsApp Web , which is just above Contacts.
  5. After this a new Activity will open which will ask you to scan a QR Code ,as shown in below image.
    whatsapp on web browser
  6. Put your mobile in front of your PC and scan that code as shown in above image.
  7. Now Enjoy your whatsapp on your PC 😉 and share this method as much as you can so that your friends also can took advantage of this feature.

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Steps for log out

  1. Open your logged in browser(Google Chrome .
  2. Click on Logout as shown in image below or you can also do the same from your mobile application.
    Just click again on Whatsapp Web and their it will show your logged in devices. Just click on logged out and it’s all done 🙂whatsapp from web browser will show

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