In 2012,Fuji revealed its first solid system camera, the X-Pro1.Even after the coming of powerful X-T1,Fuji has maintained X-Pro1 as its ‘chief’ camera and now X-Pro2 has appeared to prove it.

Those who love the illumination and clarity of a direct vision viewfinder with bright frames for distinct focal lengths X-Pro 2 hybrid optical/electronic viewfinder is constructed for them.It is superb for street photography as this can aid in time and plan fleeting pictures.To view white balance,exposure setting and image effects user can switch to the electronic viewfinder and even couple the two in Electronic Rangefinder mode,to give additional shooting instruction Electronic Rangefinder superimpose the digital view on the optical image.

In X-Pro2 Fuji has expanded the resolution of the electronic viewfinder to 2.36 million pixels.It is camera with 24 megapixel APS-C XTrans processor,with 50% increased resolution.Other advancement includes rapid autofocus,dual SD card slots,a 1/8000 sec maximum shutter speed,advanced interface and new ACROS black and white film simulation mode.

Price of the X-Pro2 will be $1,940 and it will be available for sale from February 2016

Fuji X70

Another Fuji’s launch is the new X-70 camera,as the number itself telling that this piece lies somewhere between Fuji’s small sensor X-30 compact camera and its high end X100T.It contains a 16 megapixel APS-C X-Trans sensor in tiny body with no viewfinder and a diminshed focal length 28mm.The X-70’s design is same as the X-100T with a manual shutter speed dial on the top plate and the manual aperture ring around the lens.

The X-70 is the First Fuji X series camera with touch screen display and the screen can be move upward,downward or rotated through an angle of 180 degree for selfies.

Combination of a tiny body,large sensor,ethic controls and wide lens coukd make the X-70 best travel and street photography camera,but missing of viewfinder can maker the user off.

Price of X-70 will be $790 available from February 2016.X-70 will be purchaseable in black and silver variants.

Fuji X-E2S

Fuji has improved another of its X-mount compact system cameras,but this time the changes are more humble.The X-E2S is more advances with the addition of the new Zone and wide/tracking autofocus.According to the company,this gives vastly improved result on moving subject across the 77-point autofocus area.

The X-E2S gets a reconstructed front grip to make it easier to hold and an electronic shutter. Eagle-eyed readers will spot that these autofocus.The X-E2S also has Fuji’s latest Classic Chrome film simulation mode.

Price of X-E2S will be $790 available from February 2016.

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