Laxmi, an activist who suffered from the acid attack is now a face for the fashion campaign in India who is known by the “Face Of Courage” nowadays. The courage of Laxmi proves that physical beauty and attractiveness is just not all.

At the age of 15 Laxmi was attacked by an old man and his friend, who threw acid on her face and arms because she refused his marriage proposal. The culprits were eventually imprisoned but it was Laxmi who went to all that pain, expensive medical treatment and number of surgeries. Now, at the age of 26 she is an advocate for women who was affected by the acid attack. She continues with her non-profit organizations i.e.; Chhanv foundation and Stop Acid Attacks which works on rehabilitating the sufferers. She is also awarded by Michelle Obama with the International Women Of Courage award.

Laxmi told that she began showing his face gradually which made an inspiration for the other sufferers that if I could do it then why couldn`t they..?

Stop Acid Attack

With the help of Stop Acid Attacks, survivors run a café named Sheroes Hangout in Agra.

There are around 1000 acid attacks in India every year, in which the victims have to suffer intolerable pain of course with economic difficulties.

According to Laxmi, these awareness campaigns will help in not just turning the negative attitude to positive attitude but will also discourage potential assailants. This will not only change the attitude of people who are nowadays clicking their pictures with us but also of the culprits who think that girls will sit quietly at their homes ruining their rest of the life.

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