We come across lots of website during net buffering but some websites look so impressive that we go again and again into that website. Have you observed the design of these cool and attractive websites?


Want to see some of the best and attractive website,I come across :

these are the few very cool website and other lots of sites present.

Here I want to tell about some factors ,that make us pleasing in these type of website.


1.Front page :

Front page should be more attractive and easy to navigate with other pages. To make it attractive means keep it simple and give the info about the website in a dynamic and responsive way ,that user get interested to your site and want to explore your site more.

Example :

2.Colouring :

Colouring used in website : Colouring is the one of the factor which makes user happy .Colours should be in such a way that when people see the pages that give proper feeling of what do you want to convey with them .This the easy way to make website attractive.


3.Dynamic and Responsive :

People love to see animations ,videos and some moving kind of things in a website .This always attract the user to explore the site.
You can use the the latest frameworks which are extremly good and pleases to eye as well as give the whole information in very good manner.

Examples :

4.Don’t left too much spaces in webpage in between :

Some times people give lots of spaces in webpages which gives bad impacts.Actually your decoration of webpages reflects your character.

Examples :

5.Fonts and text :-

Your content is also a factor. You should not choose too much font style , use simple font and other as required. There should not grammar mistake in the contents and should give right impact to user .

Examples :

6.Show your creativity :
Your website should be decorated with your creativity and photos,videos,music. Some times people uses so much photos and very irrelevant videos,music which gives bad impression , it has one more disadvantage that it makes webpage heavier and takes time to load, i.e. user have to wait till all graphics is loaded. When user have slow net then your whole decoration will be wastes because it will load half pages.


7.Flexiblity :-
Website should be flexible ,which is the combination of above these qualities. Means user should get the things which he/she wants from the website easily.Service should be best and always remember the goel of the site.Links of the pages should be with proper keywords.
you can directly use the pic or part of pic as  a link.i.e anyhow make user to identify the

Examples :

8.Not too much advertisement :

Some people gives too much portions for Advertisements ,just for shake of money.but they don’t know they have forgot the primary work .It’s okay to keep few advertise in website.But too much should always rejected.

9.Completely constructed:

All webpages should be fully constructed.If you are constructing a webpage then after completion of the page only you shoul add link.otherwise it gives bad impact.These are the few tips ,that to make your website attractive and pleasing with good UI/UX .Hope you learned something special. 🙂

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